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Samples of Past Work

This page contains a few samples of work completed by TechnicalDocs.com, Inc. Each sample represents only part of the original manual since our clients own the rights to the documentation. To view the documentation samples, you need Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com

Each sample is offered with full permission from our clients.

Desktop Automation

QuicKeys is a powerful utility for Windows and Macintosh that automates time-consuming and repetitive computer tasks. TechnicalDocs.com wrote both the Windows and Macintosh manuals for the most recent versions of this product as well as the online help that is installed with QuicKeys for Windows.

QuicKeys for Windows Overview

Managing QuicKeys for Macintosh

Electronic Mail

QuickMail Office is a suite of Internet E-mail products for Windows and Macintosh. TechnicalDocs.com has written several manuals that have been included in this suite of software since the product's inception in 1996. The following links provide samples from just a few of these manuals.

Getting Started with QuickMail Office

QuickMail Pro for Windows Preferences

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