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Reviews of Past Work

"(This) is a complex program, although there's nothing difficult about using it and the written documentation and online help are exceptionally clear and well written."
Kathy Yakal
PC Magazine Online

"Once you spend some time with the well-organized user's manual, you'll see the scope of (the software's) power."
Glenn McDonald
PC World Online

"And let's hear a cheer for (the) excellent paper-not online-manual..."
Joseph Holmes

"The documentation for (this) is good, so working with the program isn't as scary as you might anticipate at first glance."
Bill Camarda
Upgrading & Fixing Networks for Dummies, 2nd Edition

"Something becoming more unusual in software distribution these days - (the software) comes with a complete printed manual instead of the inevitable PDF file we have come to know and hate. It's even a very good, complete manual. The first third of the more than 200 page book gives an overview of (it) and how to use the various components. The rest of the manual is devoted to the details of every plug-in and type of shortcut, complete with examples and lots of screen shots."
Freda Walrod
Kansas City User Group

"I want to mention that the printed manual is amazing...I wondered to myself if the technical writers were schooled by Miss Manners and gathered daily to drink tea from fancy China while addressing each others at "sir" and "madam". It is quite obvious that the writers gave their writing and structure careful attention."
Digital Artz Newsletter

"...the hardcopy documentation was excellent..."
Peter D. and Pamela H Varhol
Mobile Computing and Communications

"Overall (they have) a winner...The interface is simple and attractive, the package is easy to install and use, and the documentation is well written and accurate."
Tim Zittle
InfoWorld Online

"Regardless of your approach, the Administrator Manual quickly leads you through the steps to get your server up and running, including dialog with your ISP when necessary."
Jonathon A. Oski
MacWeek Online

"Each manual is thorough and well-written, especially (the) QuickStart manual and introduction to Internet mail."
Joshua Baer

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